Nikki See, Producer/Editor

Nikki Sees with two-younger children. The kids have sunglasses on.Nikki See has produced stories and programs for PBS Television for 15 years.
 She has produced reports for PBS NewsHour from over 55 countries on a wide variety of subjects
 including the birth of a nation in South Sudan, solar power in India, flood recovery 
in Pakistan and HIV treatment in Haiti. She co-produced two one-hour documentaries for the PBS program Wide Angle on the historic elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the alarming rise of farmer suicides in rural India. Her work with UTS has been honored with numerous awards, including a CINE Golden Eagle and a SAJA Award. She graduated from the University of
 New Mexico where she studied Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology. Nikki collects toys from her many travel destinations, will try anything once and is always looking to find ways to ride on motorcycles during shoots.