The Dying Fields

India has increasingly embraced free trade and, since 2002, has had one of the world’s fastest growing economies. But only images of this new prosperity have reached the impoverished rural areas where two thirds of India’s 1.1 billion people live. Left behind by India’s soaring economic boom is Vidarbha, a region of hilly forests in […]

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Democracy in the Rough

Nowhere is Africa’s curse of riches more vividly on display than the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amid their own grinding poverty, Congolese see foreigners living very well and, with the recent exception of U.N. troops and relief workers, foreigners here have always been enriched by Congo’s soil, extracting its abundant gold, coltan, cobalt, copper or […]

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Uganda Works to Reduce AIDS Cases

Uganda is well known for developing the ABC program , abstinence, be faithful, and condoms, to combat AIDS. This has been credited for the sharp decline that Uganda has seen in its HIV infection rates. More support for stressing the abstinence message is coming from the US and it’s been controversial. [showhide type=”transcript” more_text=”Read the […]

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